Heart of Gold Review | Once Upon a Time Season 4, Episode 17

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Perhaps you should take a piece of recommendations from a guy who has pressed away every chance of happiness because it was never sufficient. If it’s within your grasp, if you recognize where it is and that it’s with, after that you should go to it, grasp it as well as never ever let it go.


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, Michael Socha, and also Robert Carlyle.


Season 4Episode 17: Heart of Gold

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Just as the Writer storyline strikes a massive point, Once swerves us away in an exposition-heavy instalment. Though it features one heck of a massive reveal, as well as was delightful and engaging in its own right, the massive separation from the primary season arc actually placed a halt on the forward momentum.

“Heart of Gold” as a title undoubtedly has a dual definition. Not only does it describe Gold’s heart troubles in New york city (apparently the darkness of his heart is causing it actual physical damage), yet heart of gold can also be made use of to explain Robin, and his very own individual code of honour, upon which a lot of this episode focuses.

The flashbacks below aid show us where this personal code derives. It’s always wonderful to see Sean Maguire, specifically after him not getting on our displays for some time, yet inevitably the flashbacks were a little a stretch narratively. I’m unsure why we needed to see this story at this point and also, aside from seeing where the 6 fallen leave clover came from, which apparently made Sean Maguire resemble Tom Ellis, it didn’t add way too much that we really did not already recognize. Even in the previous storyline, there still wasn’t much of a credible chemistry in between Robin and Marian.

Somewhere else, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t speak about the speech that Gold gives to Robin when they split ways. It was remarkably genuine, and also it’s the first time that we have actually established a feeling that Rumple actually regrets his activities as he urges Robin to go after his happy closing. Yet, at the exact same time, Rumple likewise continues to seek the writer to repair his troubles instead of actively attempting to apologize, as well as is now collaborating with Zelena.

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Zelena?! I hear you wheeze. Oh yes, Zelena. She’s back, in what was a genuinely surprising twist. The reality that Zelena has actually been posing Marian the whole time because she’s returned from the past is a huge shock, as well as what’s more, it actually makes sense thinking about the duty that Zelena’s “death” played in opening the website to the past. Fairly why Zelena really did not complete her first time travel plan in removing Snow’s mom is an additional issue entirely, however perhaps the chance to mess with Regina was just also strong.

Having Rebecca Mader back is a real treat. She indulges in being evil as well as sneaky, as well as her lines throughout the episode are just simply amusing. The way that she taunts Regina over the phone about a meat loaf in the oven, purely to irritate her, is delightful to watch. It also aids to strengthen the concept that Regina’s pleased ending was actively taken away from her as a bad guy, furthering my idea that obtaining the Author to resolve all of the troubles is entirely misreading.

This episode was punctuated by Lana Parrilla’s dazzling efficiency as Regina right at the end. She’s hardly in the episode, yet her in tears response to Zelena spiriting Robin far from her, as Gold threatens her with pain to Robin unless she abides consequently Emma wickedness, was magnificently played. The way that she swaps from damaging down to locating a steely willpower is amazing, and also mesmerising to view. It’s likewise commendable as well as an enormous action that, despite what she’s being intimidated with, Regina still secures Emma, and rejects to work with Gold. That’s what we call character development.

Inevitably, “Heart of Gold” served us a huge spin by reestablishing Zelena to the story, however came with a frankly bizarre point in the Author story. Hopefully the next episode aids to reignite the trajectory of this story as the heroes attempt to wrest the Author retreat from Rumple’s clutches.

Once Upon an Additional Brainthought

  • I liked that Emma held her moms and dads liable for their activities in the past, yet I do not like that they continued to warrant themselves. What they did was incorrect, and also they require to simply own up to that fact. Regardless of what they have actually done considering that, it was a terrible substitute them to do. They continue to moan concerning the actions that other people have actually done, and judge Emma for her actions being villainous, yet they likewise neglect their own transgressions as if they’re not the like everyone else. It’s hypocrisy, ordinary as well as easy, and also unfair for Emma to need to deal with the sense of guilt that her being the Saviour is only due to destroying somebody else’s life. Just how can Lovely and Snow never have been obliged to actually act on what took place to the youngster?

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