The Girl in the Tower Review | Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 14

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You do not need to worry about me anymore. ‘Cause I’m alright. I promise.


Starring Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue, Andrew J. West, Dania Ramirez, Alison Fernandez, Mekia Cox, as well as Robert Carlyle


Season 7Episode 14: The Woman in the Tower

“The Lady in the Tower” is firmly Alice’s episode. Despite the various other aspects within the instalment, the emphasis is firmly upon her personality. Alice has always been widely fascinating as well as captivating throughout Period 7, however to truly take a look behind her myriad layers right here makes this a highlight of In the past’s last run. Not just this, yet it likewise gives us a huge amount of development in her and also Robin’s partnership, which was formerly validated in the mid season ending.

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Obviously, Alice’s tale is far from the only plot line of this episode, which is a reoccuring theme with these season as well as is a substantial loss here, as the recalls easily could have lugged this episode much more considerably. In the Once Upon a Time episodes of old, there would normally be one storyline in the past and one in the present, maybe with a number of side plots co-occurring. This was changed up for Season 6, which enabled even more equality in the screentime of our regulars, however is verifying much less successful in Period 7, when we are much less bound per of the personalities and also require even more time to be familiar with them and also understand what makes them tick.

Thankfully, this episode does offer us a much higher appreciation for both Alice, and Tilly, both of whom are extremely bizarre personalities and are hard to determine. Up previously, it’s been very easy to disregard Alice, as well as Tilly, as being “insane”. That’s the primary with thought of the Hyperion Heights story, besides, is that Tilly gets on drug for mental disease, and it most definitely harmonizes her even more irregular minutes in the New Enchanted Forest, too. Alice as a personality gets on the scatty side, even in the initial novel, so it’s definitely in maintaining with what we would certainly expect. However, this episode does assist damage down that suggestion of her being zany as well as odd and aids contextualise it in a realistic and quite awful means.

Through rooting her character quirks in her training, it makes these facets all the more depressing to see. You can see through this episode the extensive solitude that Alice experiences. Unlike her father, that is able to continue with his routine life in the real world, Alice is abandoned in the tower with only herself for business, causing her creating discussion with the non-living items around her. The plot revelation that Alice took care of to mobilize the giant herself as a result of her need to escape informs us much more concerning Alice’s character; the manner in which she desired as well as wished so viscerally that she managed to develop something that would not only conserve her however additionally continue to exist and also to secure her even years later is hugely touching. It demonstrates that sense of loneliness that she cares with her, as well as her feeling of childlike innocence and the sense of simultaneously being excited as well as terrified by the larger globe that exists outside of her tower. It’s practically as if she designs herself the type of caretaker that she ought to have had, somebody who she can trust and also someone to save her, which is the opposite of what she receives from Hook, particularly when they continue to be separated.

This episode included valuable context to Alice and also Robin’s relationship, also. We have recognized because the mid period ending that both would inevitably end up crazy, but this foreknowledge doesn’t lessen their link right here specifically. The manner in which they begin with displeasure is likewise a good touch, as that fractious back and forth highlights their chemistry. Mostly, the two additionally enhance each various other perfectly as an unit. Alice smooths a few of Robin’s rougher, more malicious as well as untrusting edges, while Robin takes care of to ground Alice’s extra wayward and also manic ways. While just lumping them with each other in the ending, this episode actually handles to sell their link and validate the authenticity of their relationship.

To have Alice’s magic rooted in the concept of wishing and really hoping is something that is so disarmingly sweet as well as lovely regarding the personality. It’s not, unlike the other characters we have seen on the show, derived from a quest of obtaining power or revenge, yet purely as a result of her very own individual strength as well as the stamina that comes from her very own hope. The speech that Alice gives to the troll, as well as additionally to herself in a manner, regarding not needing him any longer, as well as not to stress over her was endearingly truthful and an emphasize of the episode. Additionally, the manner in which this magic even seems to last via into the real life, in the manner in which the giant continues to care for her adds to the wayward and fantastical tone of the instalment.

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The cherry on top of this episode about their connection was Margot as well as Tilly engaging back in Hyperion elevations. We know that Margot has actually been off discovering– actually it’s fairly a disarming turn of the tables contrasted to their presence in the New Enchanted Woodland that Tilly is the one who has continued to be in one location while Margot has actually been seeing the world. Their chemistry seems apparent simply from their first communication, despite the fact that they do not knowingly understand who the other is. The little touch of the pair of them reviewing each various other’s books throughout the episode was also a good nod to their True Love.

While it may appear a bit weird to have an entire episode out of the final run dedicated to a “brand-new” partnership, as opposed to concentrating upon the legacy participants like Rumple or Regina or Henry, I would certainly argue that Robin and Alice completely show the principle of the “next generation” of Once. From a purely obvious point of view, Robin is linked deeply to the tradition of the initial series, via Zelena being her mommy and also Robin Hood her father. Zelena’s maternity was a major story point, and it’s natural that is then further explored, in the same way that Belle and also Rumple’s grown-up child was a major part of Period 6. It’s likewise a nice acknowledgement that the story does continue as well as it does go on, as well as to have an LGBT pairing as the focal point of an episode, and truly selling their connection, in such a way that was truthfully not present with Ruby and Dorothy’s one-episode love. In that certain trip, both common approximately one one-to-one discussion prior to Ruby magically realised that she was in love, which most definitely did come out of the blue (obviously the story arc was indicated to last for even more episodes, but Meghan Ory’s accessibility placed paid to that suggestion). To have a lesbian couple at the centre of essentially a fairytale love story is truly heartfelt, as well as its influence is not to be ignored.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ivy took some significant steps forwards, highlighting the show’s objective to lead her down a redemption journey, as she deals with to find Anastasia (that obviously is missing out on, which completely missed me by. I visualized that she was still Gothel’s captive, so I’m not sure what exactly I missed out on). She also apologises to Henry, not that he understands what she’s apologising for, and also recognizes that if she ‘d fulfilled him sooner, probably everything would have been different. This is a good nod of the head to their obvious chemistry and connection, and also it’s sweet that Ivy is sharing her regret over the whole situation. It’s a small minute, which I do not think is always sufficient for a character that had quite a big part to play earlier in the season, but a minimum of it isn’t being entirely neglected.

This episode also marked the start of Operation Hyacinth, as well as we discover that Facilier seeks the Dark One’s dagger– as, apparently, is everyone. This causes me a slight quantity of worry, that the show is beginning to get a bit active in the way of villains. There’s Facilier, who desires the Dark One’s blade somehow we do not know, then Gothel, that is looking for the Guardian as well as perhaps likewise the dagger, and afterwards Crumple that intends to find the Guardian to rid himself of the dagger. With everybody after different things entailing the same story elements this can conveniently obtain jumbled as well as really messy even more down the line, as well as making the target market puzzled regarding which personalities to root for. It certainly pays for more options for the writers, yet that does not imply that it creates great narration.

Within this episode, Regina likewise admits to Zelena that she still has feelings regarding Facilier. This revelation is somewhat complicated to swallow as the audience, simply since we have not in fact seen the background behind their relationship and I do not wish to invest too much time in the coming episodes really dedicating time to offering the connection. We do not know where the connection is originating from, and also since Facilier doesn’t appear completely trustworthy, it’s bound to end with calamity as well as there aren’t adequate episodes to correctly offer Regina an epic love.

Ultimately, this episode felt like a fairy tale, which has been a sense that Once has actually been missing for a while. It had plenty of fancifulness, as well as heartfelt minutes, from Alice and also Robin linking in the New Enchanted Woodland, to Rogers taking Tilly in at the close of the episode. It was much more concentrated upon simply a couple of story elements, rather than attempting to commit way too much time to various other discoveries, and the journey in the past was self contained enough to be appreciated as a single story, rather than attaching to any events past or future, which can frequently weigh down the recall sections. I look forward to seeing just how Tilly as well as Margot’s partnership develops as the last period rolls on.

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