Christmas Film Review: A New York Christmas Wedding

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Far from perfect, this Christmas film includes a guardian angel, time traveling as well as a black, queer lead

Starring Nina Fairweather, Otoja Abit, Cooper Koch, Adriana DeMeo, David Anzuelo, and Chris Noth

As outrageous as it might seem to obtain delighted about a queer Christmas film, 2020 has actually confirmed to be extra charitable than the majority of. Not just is there commercially released Happiest Season, however even Life time, Characteristic as well as MTV have actually got on board with made-for-TV offerings of their own to stand for the LGBTQ+ community. A New York City Christmas Wedding event, perhaps not remarkably, pales in comparison to some of these other films, despite the fact that it’s being distributed by Netflix. This is barely surprising, nonetheless, considering the clear lack of budget that A New York Xmas Wedding had, along with it being a clear early work by writer-director Otoja Abit, which was hastily recorded in concerning 2 weeks. Taking into consideration also the huge quantity of Netflix Xmas films, it’s virtually an unjust comparison.

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Jenny (Nina Fairweather) is due to get married to fiancé David (Otoja Abit, putting on many hats), but soon encounters angel Azrael (Cooper Koch), who reveals Jenny an alternate world, in which she had stated her love for her childhood buddy Gabrielle (Adriana DeMeo) and they are currently together. What follows is exactly what it states on the tin, with both attempting to obtain married in a Catholic Church, yet the clergyman (Chris Noth) having a dilemma of confidence on whether he ought to enable it.


While it has solid intentions, there are several glaring plot holes which muddy the tale that is trying to be told. While the intention is that Jenny is indicated to live her truth, the film misses out on a technique by having both Gabrielle and Jenny’s father as dead in the normal timeline, but still alive in the one where Jenny proclaimed her sensations. This does make it rather of a much less clear choice as to just how much of the choice was Jenny choosing to live authentically as well as just how much was simply her wanting these 2 crucial people to be active once more. Had Gabrielle still been alive in the present story, it might have been extra encouraging for Jenny to break off her interaction with fiancé David as well as admit just how she really felt, resulting in a settlement between the two in the genuine story, rather than using time travel as a helpful repair. What’s even more, the provenance of the angel Azrael was a little on the nose as well as really felt a little needlessly controversial, specifically when the provenance of angels isn’t normally checked out or wondered about in movies.

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Ultimately, it is an extensive attempt, as well as with any luck this brings in Abit to the interest of manufacturers for future tasks, as there is clearly a lot of capacity here.

A New York City Christmas Wedding is streaming now on Netflix

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