Christmas Film Review: Operation Christmas Drop

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Netflix’s most recent cheery offering does little to shun its own formula, other than its sun-drenched area

Starring Kat Graham and also Alexander Ludwig

Netflix’s Christmas output has absolutely advanced year upon year, to the level where they’re practically contending for Hallmark’s crown. It’s a highly specific category by this point, as well as a minimum of Netflix can be attributed for supplying something that’s far better acted, well composed and diverse than Characteristic’s offerings are. Operation Christmas Decline does little to set itself besides its bedfellows, yet does well at being a remarkably drawing away Christmas movie. It’s not action-packed, hilarious or gripping, yet it’s simply the sort of point you would certainly enjoy wrapped up in a blanket with the fire on.

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Straight-laced Erica (Kat Graham) is charged with checking out the ineffectiveness within a United States Air Force base in Guam to make sure that she can validate shutting it down. On The Other Hand, Air Force Captain Andrew (Alexander Ludwig) must convince her of the legitimacy of the base and why it must continue to be open. The major principle that he need to justify is the airlifting of supplies to the little islands of Micronesia that happens each year at Xmas (the eponymous Procedure Christmas Drop). Certainly, as all future fans perform in this type of movie, the two start with sizeable friction, yet quickly begin to regard as well as understand each various other and love blossoms. With both of them committed to their work at the expense of their personal connections, they additionally challenge the other to expand their globe sight.


Operation Xmas Decrease has executed fairly well on Netflix’s trending field, even coming to a head at # 1 for a short time. It is instructional in the manner in which it teaches the target market regarding Operation Christmas Drop, an authentic altruistic act embarked on every year.

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It’s quite tacky and predictable, but that’s exactly what viewers will seek in a Xmas movie. With 2 very easy to take a look at and likeable leads, it’ll likely be ignored in a year when Netflix’s next multitude of films comes out, but that doesn’t quit it being any less enjoyable in the meantime.

Operation Christmas Drop is streaming currently on Netflix

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