My tendency to overindulge (also hello) image 0film
My tendency to overindulge (also hello)
I have an addictive character. Mark Goodwin, Just now I have an addictive personality. There. I said it. I rejoice I got that out the means promptly.
The Weeks the Earth Stood Still photo 0Info
The Weeks the Earth Stood Still
Included picture by t1na on DeviantArt. So we remain in Week 2 (I think?) of the COVID 19 break out here in England, and it very much seems like the globe
The straitjacket of expectation photo 0Info
The straitjacket of expectation
And also various other adverse self-biases I have Assumptions are a completely natural psychological phenomenon. They are an easy way for usage to analyze
My goals for 2019 photo 0Info
My goals for 2019
First of all, I have to explain that the lack of brand-new material on my blog is not since I am the flakiest person active as well as haven’