Why Prue shouldn't have been the sister who died photo 0Info
Why Prue shouldn’t have been the sister who died
Reportedly, Shannen Doherty needed to leave the program as a result of backstage stress, however what if the creatives had made a various choice?
Ranking Doctor Who Series Openers photo 0Info
Ranking Doctor Who Series Openers
The collection openers of Physician That are several of the most vital within each run. Not just do they frequently have to present new personalities to
Festive Favourites: My Christmas Must-Sees image 0film
Festive Favourites: My Christmas Must-Sees
As Santa’s annual see attracts nearer, here’s a break down of what gets on my Christmas watchlist year after year to get those excellent Christmassy
It's time to leave the 22-episode format behind image 0Info
It’s time to leave the 22-episode format behind
At what phase did the laid-back, lighter fare that I watch ended up being so challenging to keep up with? Story lines that appear to last for weeks as
5 Doctor Who Companions Who Stayed Too Long (& 5 Who Left Too Soon) photo 0Info
5 Doctor Who Companions Who Stayed Too Long (& 5 Who Left Too Soon)
Physician Who tells the story of the Medical professional as well as his friends as they pass through area and time, however– simply put–
The 22 Best Glee Songs photo 0Info
The 22 Best Glee Songs
Over its 6 period run, Joy covered a monstrous variety of tunes, from Hip Jump to Musical Theatre. So, what tunes are actually worth paying attention to?
Ranking Doctor Who's Story Arcs image 0Info
Ranking Doctor Who’s Story Arcs
Story arcs have been prevalent in Doctor Who since its revival in 2005, but not all of them have been successful… Though story arcs have been a massive
The answer to my discontent with lots of current TV series? image 0film
The answer to my discontent with lots of current TV series?
With the existing discontent with the last period of Game of Thrones, there has been lots of speak about just how to structure as well as compose a gratifying
Ranking Doctor Who's Christmas specials photo 0Info
Ranking Doctor Who’s Christmas specials
Physician That was a staple of BBC’s festive schedule from 2005– 2017, including a few of the very best and also several of the most awful