Sweetest Breeds – 20 Amazing Dog Breeds For Retirees And Seniors


When the kids, or even the grandkids, leave the nest, people tend to feel lonely, with “empty nest syndrome” setting in. Or when you retire and there are no children and grandchildren to visit on the weekend, it’s easy to feel lonely and depressed. The perfect solution for the problem, if you like dogs and are able to care for them: get a dog! It is important to pick breeds that suit your lifestyle, so here are our top 20 breeds that suit more mature personalities. 

Italian Greyhound

Source: Vista.com

The Italian Greyhound is a great pet for older people because it is small, calm, and doesn’t need much grooming. It should only need to be brushed once a week and rinsed occasionally to keep its look. Its delicate bones mean it needs a low-fat diet to prevent health problems like orthopedic disorders. The breed standard says that the dog should be smart, kind, and loyal, as well as active and enthusiastic. Italian Greyhounds are also insanely popular on Instagram, under the nickname Iggy, after the late Iggy, who started the trend by becoming a meme.

This petite, refined breed is perfect for seniors. In terms of maintenance, they only require a light brushing and a bath now and then. High-quality dry dog food is essential for maintaining their health and energy level. Because age-related dental problems are possible, it’s crucial that they get frequent dental checkups. They have a kind and friendly nature among their owners, yet they might be shy around strangers.

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