The Great Review: Barmy, whacky and deliciously entertaining photo 0Info
“The Great” Review: Barmy, whacky and deliciously entertaining
Created by Tony McNamara, one of the writers of The Favourite, The Great is an unusual, off-kilter prance, that sensibly takes liberties with historic
Santa Clarita Diet: the oddest comedy you will perhaps ever witness photo 0Info
Santa Clarita Diet: the oddest comedy you will perhaps ever witness
Drew Barrymore plays a zombie in this zany as well as frankly absurd comedy, in which a married country couple attempt to balance an ordinary life with
Free Guy Review: Fast-paced, sharp and fun photo 0film
Free Guy Review: Fast-paced, sharp and fun
From a screenplay by Matt Lieberman and also Zak Penn, Free Person is a witty, cutting-edge as well as refreshing film ably sustained by a charismatic
I am a glutton for everything that 'dinnerladies' serves image 0Info
I am a glutton for everything that ‘dinnerladies’ serves
Now offered on Netflix, Victoria Timber’s 1998 comedy shows there’s absolutely nothing rather like great, British humour. Starring Victoria
'Instant Family' review: Heartfelt, Heartwarming and Heartrending image 0film
‘Instant Family’ review: Heartfelt, Heartwarming and Heartrending
An endearing comedy about the struggles of foster care beam a light on a crucial problem, as well as bringing many a tear to the eye. Movie REviews ”
Dead to Me is sinfully engrossing television image 0Info
“Dead to Me” is sinfully engrossing television
Dead To Me is a well-paced traumedy that is talented life by the formidable implementation by creator Liz Feldman jointly with Christina Applegate as well
Superstore Review - A bighearted comedy photo 0Info
Superstore Review – A bighearted comedy
An intelligently composed show that balances comedy with social discourse, Superstore is nearly remarkable Starring America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Lauren
'The Duchess' Review: A surprisingly laughless affair photo 0Info
‘The Duchess’ Review: A surprisingly laughless affair
Katherine Ryan’s Netflix series ‘The Duchess’ does not have some essential components for a comedy: wit, knowledge as well as likeable
You Me Her Season 5 Review: A satisfying and emotive conclusion image 0Info
“You Me Her” Season 5 Review: A satisfying and emotive conclusion
Despite its unusual premise, You Me Her remains to be characterised by its realistic writing and also grounded representations. Starring Greg Poehler
Never Have I Ever Review: Witty, winsome and warm photo 0Info
“Never Have I Ever” Review: Witty, winsome and warm
Developed by Mindy Kaling, Never Ever Have I Ever is deeply truthful in its writing, and series lead Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is extremely capitivating.